The power of match funding

Match funding is a highly effective way to help you reach your fundraising target. Each year, the Big Give sources Champions to provide match funds towards your projects. Champions are trusts, foundations and corporations who promise to match the online donations that you receive and therefore allow you to maximise your fundraising potential. These match funds help to inspire online giving by incentivising donations from your supporters. They rest assured in the knowledge that their donations will go further as part of a match funding campaign. As a member of the Big Give community, you’ll be eligible to participate in our match funding campaigns. This will help you to secure additional funds, inspire larger donations from your supporters, and to re-engage lapsed donors.

There are several articles we love which demonstrate how offering match funding can help benefit charitable donations:

Something for everyone

We believe that match funding works for organisations of all sizes. You will be free to set your own project and challenge targets. The Big Give team is also on hand to help you throughout the process.

How can I take part?

  • We run multiple match funding campaigns each year. You can read about the different opportunities here.
  • To become eligible for a match funding campaign, please sign up to the Big Give and register your details. We will send you information about how you can apply to take part in one of these campaigns.
  • Please ensure that your account contact information is up to date so you receive our communications inviting you to take part in match funding campaigns.